Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Hunting We Will Go...

I'm excited for this weekend! It looks like my sisters and I may actually make it to Bouckville for their HUGE antique show. We went many years ago and when we got there it started lightning so decided to turn around and go home. I hope to find something I can add to my home. Do I need anything?! No, but that's not the point! I love the thrill of the hunt, wondering what some things are and what they were used for and especially finding something that you had totally forgotten about from your childhood. We haven't figured out which day we'll be going. Hopefully there will be no rain or lightning. When I asked my husband, "You didn't want to go, did you?", his reply was, "No, I'd rather have hot needles poked under my fingernails.". I just don't understand. What's wrong with him?!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Vacation in the Adirondacks

Oh, Adirondack chair, do you miss me? I miss you, the smell of the pine trees, the calm water in the morning. Sigh... We had a great couple of weeks at Brantingham Lake which is near my hometown of Lowville (the "Low" part is pronounced like you would pronounce "Cow" which actually makes sense as there are more cows than people there).

My husband, Bob, and I kayaking. (My shoulders were tired!)
The boys both enjoyed tubing. Here's Ethan having a bouncy ride. Thank you Sue and Jeff for taking us out on the lake!
Here is Sean making friends with the local black ducks. (Actually, he was chasing after them with the paddle boat but that doesn't make for such a nice story now does it?) My father was nice enough to buy a paddle boat for all of us to use. The camp we rented the second week was so cute. Just as you would expect an Adirondack camp to be.