Saturday, March 26, 2011

I'll Trade Ya'!

I had a booth at the Binghamton University Spring Craft Show on March 19th. My friend, Daniele, helped me out with the show. It's always nice to have someone with you to chat with when it's slow and help you out when you need to take a break.

Located right behind me was Julie from Latherati Soap Foundry. I'm so glad she introduced herself to me. We chatted off and on during the show. As the show wound down, Julie came over to look at my jewelry. I guess she liked what she saw because she said, "Hey, wanna barter?!" She picked out one of my latest bracelets (above) and then
we set off to her booth to continue our wheeling and dealing.

All of her scents were fantastic but my favorite were Longbourn (figures as I love Pride and Prejudice) and Matchmaker. I was also able to get Daniele a body spray with patchouli in it which I knew she loves. Check out Julie's Etsy shop (click on the logo below) for some fabulous lotions, creams, soaps and more! I've fallen in love with them. Thanks Julie!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Another Snow Day...

Well, this was a surprise. It's not the fact that we got snow. It's the quantity!! Nineteen inches!! Really?!

This is the door I normally let our dog, Nola, out of but I had to use our other back door as this one had the snow packed right up against it. Nola didn't know what to do when she went out the door. She went down the stairs and immediately popped over to this door. She then hopped like a bunny out into the yard to do what dogs do.

The kids aren't as giddy as they usually are since all their snow days have been used up and are now using up future vacation days. And me? I'm not giddy at all.