Thursday, September 8, 2011

Will Someone Please Turn Off the Faucet?

Here is a glimpse of parts of the Southern Tier of New York state. Tropical Storm Lee was not too kind and dumped a lot of water on us the past couple of days. Many roads and businesses are closed due to the flooding. In many areas this is worse than it was in 2006 which had historic levels of flooding.

Pictured above is a nearby pub that we go to. The water is past the door handle. To the right is a shed used by the golf course (that is flooded in the background) that is tipped. The picture below that is the regular size pail I had on the back deck. It was full and overflowing this morning.

Here is the road that leads from our neighborhood (located up the hill in the background) to school. First day of school - canceled.
Here water is coming up from the Chenango River over Upper Front Street.
This is the parking lot of WalMart located in Vestal.

(Thanks to Daniele and Felicia for a couple of the photos.)

I wish a speedy recovery to those affected by the flood...