Friday, May 8, 2009

PMC Results

Last week I had posted pictures of some PMC work I had done before it was fired in the kiln. Well, here are some of the results!

I had found this really cute chick button that I made a mold out of and had a great idea to make a pendant for those ultra-confident women out there - or for those people who want to bust on someone they know! I think it's funny... I added a handmade sterling silver tag with "Hot" on it and a little ruby for color.

Here's another PMC pendant I made. The heart shapes were made using a pencil eraser that I had carved a heart shape into. I then drew in the stems and leaves and voila!
I found another cute button that had all these hearts on it and had to make a mold of that too. Great for someone special.

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Dani said...

They are so pretty!!! Keep on listing on etsy!!!!