Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pheasant Under Grass

This site is a new one in our neighborhood. A few weeks ago my husband and I saw this guy right at the side of the road and we stopped and gawked at him while he ignored us and pecked at the ground. Unfortunately, I had no camera that day. I had never seen one before and was astounded at the many vibrant colors he had. I don't think I've ever seen white that bright.

On Friday, I had to go to my son's school for a recognition ceremony and on the way down the hill I saw him again peeking out from some tall grass. This time I had my camera! I backed up the car and snapped a few quick pictures. They don't do him justice however.


Cindy said...

How lucky that you had your camera that day... I've never seen a bird like this in person.

Dani said...

Great pics!!! I keep looking for him but haven't seen him around in a while!!

Michelle said...

I just found out that some idiot in the area has been trying to shoot the pheasant. Okay, I know there are hunters out there and the "true" hunters serve a purpose HOWEVER... it's not like we're overpopulated with pheasants. Maybe we could let the pheasants have a head start and have a family first. I don't even know if it's legal right now to be hunting these. This guy is just a jerk, basically.