Sunday, January 10, 2010

Photos from the Martha Stewart Show

It's almost been a month since I was at the Martha Stewart Show but I didn't get a chance to post these photos until now. Above is the view from our seats. Yes, we got the "back of the bus" seats and were in the last row. Now you know why so many people are looking at the monitors when they go to live shots of the audience. We can't see what's going on!
Here's Martha getting a touch up between segments. (Viewed from a monitor).
Here's one of the audience giveaways for that show. A set of two Riedel Champagne crystal glasses or tumblers. They're so light! Maybe since they're not so tall and not on a stemmed based I will be less likely to knock them over...
I think Martha has a professional photographer take pictures of her with the guests she has each day. This was a shot after the end of the show. From left to right: Bertha Gonzales of Casa Dragones (makes a mucho expensive sipping tequila - sorry no giveaways there!), Bronson Van Wyke (event planner), Emeril Lagasse, Martha Stewart, Danny Meyer (book giveaway "Mix Shake Stir"), and Jen Sgobbo (bartender).

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