Sunday, June 3, 2012

artBLISS Workshops

Sterling Silver and Turquoise Ring made by ME!
Two weekends ago, my husband and two sons headed down to Sterling, VA so I could attend a couple of classes by artBLISS and they could sightsee in D.C.. The first class was "Who is Afraid of the Big, Bad Saw?" instructed by Martina Stein. I made myself take this class as sawing is not my favorite thing in the world. It turns out I wasn't the only one in this category. Got some great tips on how you should sit while sawing and how/where to position the material.
Richard Salley and Martina Stein

The second full day class was "Southwest Wings" instructed by Richard Salley and assisted by Martina Stein. I had been wanting to take a class like this for so long. I've played around with soldering and had made one simple ring but really wanted hands-on instruction. This class did not disappoint! Richard and Martina are so approachable and very knowledgeable. I'm so glad I was able to attend. Of course I ended up wishing I had taken more classes that were offered.

I have to say everyone who attended these classes were so nice and funny. Last but not least are the two women behind artBLISS: Jeanette Blix Ryan and Cindy Wimmer. They did such a fantastic job organizing all of the great workshops, answering questions, arranging/ordering lunch and I'm sure a whole lot more behind the scenes duties. Their hard work has helped so many advance their jewelry-making skills. I'm so appreciative that they decided to start their artBLISS venture.

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Cindy said...

It was so nice that you, your husband and the boys made the trip all the way down to VA for the workshops. I really enjoyed meeting you and your family - you've got such a great group of guys!! :-) And it was nice that they got to do some sightseeing while you took a few classes.
Looks like your ring turned out beautifully. It looks just perfect. I can imagine how proud you must feel whenever you wear it. Richard is such an excellent instructor - as challenging as it looked, I wish I had taken that class too!