Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Beads, Leather, Suede, Chain, Cabochons and More!

This past weekend my friend, Daniele, and I took a trip up to Syracuse to go to the Innovative Beads Expo. With Daniele behind the wheel we were guaranteed a wild ride. (Has anyone heard of a "New Jersey sweep"?)

I've pictured the assortment of goodies I purchased. I'm hoping to get creative with these next week! I'm in love with the colors of suede I bought. There was a lot to choose from. I'm also in love with the chain I bought and I'm already wishing I had purchased more as I know part of it will be used for something for me! And what about those large holed beads?! I could have taken some of all they had if it wasn't for the pesky little thing called money.

Before the bead show, we also stopped by
The Salt City Urban Art & Craft Market. This was the second year of the craft market and the organizers had a great collection of artists gathered in a neat old warehouse. I bought a couple of goodies; hand warmers from the Secret Lentil (my son called them hobo gloves but he's 14 and still has to be told when to brush his hair so hardly the one to be giving fashion input), some lavender sachets from Crude Crafts that I plan on using for stocking stuffers, a reusable cookie/treat bag by TerreMum for my other son's lunches and a set of Christmas cards from Pistachio Press that will go to my dog-loving friends.

While at the craft market, we visited with Nancy of RoundRabbit. Hopefully she had a good show even though someone stole one of her rings. (Why are people so crappy sometimes?! If they only knew how much work and time goes into the items people make...)

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