Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pick Me!

I had a nice surprise in my e-mail yesterday. It was a note from a fellow etsyan, choosingbeauty, stating that she picked one of my bracelets for her Daydream Believers Treasury. I don't know if it was ever chosen to be on the front page of Etsy (do you ever find out?) but it was nice to be included for this treasury nonetheless. Hope you have some nice surprises coming your way too.

(If you haven't noticed, my shop is seriously depleted - not my inventory - just my shop. Very sad indeed. I hope to have it stocked with some new items soon. I realized last week that the the shop was seriously lacking color with what I had in there. So my goal is to get some color in there!)


Cindy said...

Wow, Michele, how exciting!! I'm not that familiar with the Front Page myself as I've never made it on there as far as I know. I hope this Treasury makes it!!! And a depleted Etsy shop? I know all about that...mine only has 2 items in it!

Michelle said...

Cindy - I'm just happy I got picked to be in someone's treasury. Front page would be nice but without much in the shop it would be kind of an opportunity wasted, huh? Well, I hope your shop is depleted because everyone bought your lovely jewelry and not due to laziness! Anyway, you've been a busy lady this fall. Nice to hear from you. -Michelle